Who is The Bread Gal, and why have I never seen these products before? 

The Bread Gal Bakery has been using artisan baking techniques and traditions for almost 30 years to produce fresh bread daily. Previously only available to New York City’s most discerning chefs, in highly selective kitchens – these items have never before been available to the public. These fresh, artisan breads are now offered to the public - exclusively through NYC Bakery Direct. 

Are these products fresh? 

Oh yeah, we’re fresh! Every item in your order is baked specifically for youIt is only once you place your order online, that it is added to our production list. Your delicious baked breads, rolls and other items are baked just before they are packed and shipped.  

When will I receive my order? 

Orders are processed and shipped on Mondays/Tuesdays, and all orders are shipped 2 day to ensure freshness. Youll receive an email with tracking information when your order leaves our facility. 

How do I store my baked goods to keep them fresh? 

We suggest consuming your baked goods within three days of delivery. You can also freeze them upon receipt for up to three months. Freezing works best with a double layer of plastic wrap applied close to the product. 

Do you have any suggestions for serving? 

Not only will a little time in the oven make your kitchen smell FANTASTIC, but it will also make all of our breads even more delicious. Preheat your oven to 350. Always remove paper or plastic packaging just prior to popping anything from a brioche bun to a 2 lb ciabatta loaf into the oven. Sit back and savor the smells of YOUR fresh baked goodness for 5-10 minutes. Now you too are a baker! (If frozen, defrost at room temperature for about 30 minutes before heating.) 

What are The Bread Gal’s most popular items? 

People LOVE our soft buttery brioche buns – they are known as the best in the industry! Our cranberry raisin walnut bread has a cult following, and our pizza shells make a great family dinner activity. The jalapeno cheddar rolls are ah-maiz-ing if you’re feeling spicy, and our white chocolate French toast…mmmmmmm, you've never had anything quite like this!!! 

Where can I brag about the amazing sandwich I just created with your bread? 

We cant wait for you to show us what you’ve made! You’ll see inspiration and creativity on our Instagram from our long list of customers that include everyone from NYC chefs, to the stay at home novice. We love it all! This is your time to shine, and we’d love to see what you’re up to in your kitchen. Follow and/or tag us @nycbakerydirect  

How much do I need to spend to meet the shipping requirement? 

Our shipping minimum is $25. 

How are shipping charges calculated? 

Shipping is calculated by UPS using a combination of estimated product weight and your geographical location.  

What should I do if I have an issue with my order? 

You can email help@nycbakerydirect.com